Once Upon A Time

Isn't that how all good stories begin? Well, they know...once upon a time. Seems like I've outgrown that beginning, long since. Besides, I don't know if this will be a good story. I don't know if this will be a story at all. But there will be words. Yes, I think I can manage words. And there will probably be pictures. I'm sure there will be pictures. I'll show you pictures of things I make, use words to describe the things that I do, the events that happen, and the life in my...well, LIFE. But, I'll warn you now: You'd better be prepared. My life can be crazy. If you're wondering why it's crazy, you didn't read my profile. At certain times, it can be blessedly silent, but that doesn't usually last for long. On occasion, it's melancholy, melodramatic, or melodious, and sometimes it's all of these things at the same time. I can say, most definitely, though, that my life is RARELY boring. So, if you think you'd like to come along for the ride, for the beautiful confusion in all its raucous glory, then plop right down beside me, potential friend, and I will show you my pictures and tell you my story.

Once upon a time . . .

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I love Vinatge stuff!! Thank you!

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