Stamping Bella’s LuLu Blog Hop

I’m not the Bella-da-Ball tonight, but my lil’SIS sure is.  She’s one of 31 creative crafters participating in Stamping Bella’s LuLu Blog Hop.  If you’ve never seen bellas, fellas, kettos, or lulus, and you think I’m speaking some hallucinogenic gobbledy-gook (or French), hop, pop, skip, or walk to lil’SIS’ blog, inkling 2 stamp, and check out her bee-YOU!!!-tee-ful Henrietta LuLu.  She so sweetly shy in all her candy-licious colors, you just want to eat her up and lick your fingers clean.  But, when you’re done admiring lil’Sis’ creative coloring talent, be sure to check out all the adorable LuLus along the blog-hop trail. 

But, seriously folks, hers IS the bestest (luv ya, SIS).

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