Don’t misunderstand me, I like projects.  I like dreaming them up.  I like working on them.  But more than anything, I like FINISHING them!  Unfortunately, I habitually add to my projects as time goes by, making them more complicated or more extensive, and it seems that they drag on and on and on and… the time I realize that I’ve bitten off more than I want to chew, I’m just over the hump, coming out the other side.  Many times, this is the point at which I take a break…..
sometimes it’s a very LONG break…..
like 10 years on a piece of embroidery…..
But I couldn’t do that for this project, because this is a very special gift for a very special lady.

Number One (nicknamed for Lt. Riker on Star Trek, not because he’s our favorite.  We would leave the house and say, “You have the bridge, Number One.”  Yes, I really am that geeky.) is our oldest son, now 22 years old and attending college far, far away from home and Mom (that’s me--sniff).  He is engaged to a lovely, classy young woman who graduated from that same college this past spring.  This is her graduation present. 
Yes, I know that spring’s graduation is looooong past. 
Yes, I know that I am late,
Have I mentioned that I have a problem?
In my defense, I asked Number One for gift ideas BEFORE graduation, and he didn’t come up with this idea until NEARLY graduation. 
In his defense, he was writing a paper having something to do with Jesus, Paul, and proving the lack of contradiction in the New Testament based on the ideas of natural and eternal law as laid out by Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica.  Got that?  Oh,  and still pass his other classes while making a good impression on Fiancée’s visiting parents. 
But it’s all good.
On with the show……
I began with a simple goal: make a few note cards for Fiancée. 
Simple.  Right?
Yeah, right!
I needed a terrific paper, unique but classy, traditional and sophisticated with a little twist of youth, charm, and exuberance. “Eureka,” said Archimedes!  But, really, his discovery had little if anything to do with my craft project, even thought I WAS quite pleased to find this perfect paper pack by Making Memories sitting in my bathtub—I mean, stash.  The black and white houndstooth pattern grounds the collection in classic style, while chartreuse, slate blue, and icy turquoise add a fresh twist.  I added a couple of additional patterns for more mix-and-match options and chose a simple design: two coordinating papers with a “belt,” topped with a scallop-edged monogram.
Okay, so I thought it was a simple design.  In the beginning, I had trouble making it happen, getting in the zone.  Once I got IN the zone, I couldn’t seem to get OUT.  Somehow the entire project morphed from something simple and streamlined and get-it-done-quick-cuz-you’re-already-late to a time-consuming, guilt-excreting monster of ginormous complexity.  In the end, there were:
26 note cards in eight different styles,
006 009010011012007013014
12 monthly perpetual-calendar dividers,
and a custom-made coordinating container.
Really, what was I thinking?!!
And, darn!  I can see a mistake already.  There’s a piece of white ribbon that wraps around the box over the houndstooth band.  I wasn’t sold on the ribbon—it needed something more--so i removed it, deciding to wait until I had all other components completed before tackling that finishing touch.  Guess I’d better tie it back on and make sure it remains there.  Then I can pop this baby in the mail and send it on it’s merry way.

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