Lollipop, Lollipop, Oh Lolli-lolli-lolli, Lollipop Flowers . . .

If you’re a stamper, card-maker, or dabble in other forms of paper-art, you’ve probably heard of .  If you hadn’t heard of it before, well, let me introduce you to a wonderful and  EXTENSIVE stamping, card-making, paper-arts community:
is a web-based community for paper crafters. Rubber stamping and card making is our first love but you’ll find scrapbookers here too.
Online since 2003, our mission in life is to be the only place you’ll ever need for stamping-related resources and inspiration.
How did start?
, the site was started in late 2002 by Daven (that’s me) and Tracy Nolta. Tracy was looking for a better way to support her group of Stampin’ Up! sales consultants. She had chosen ‘Split Coast Stampers’ as her SU! group name, representing her family of demonstrators around the country, so we named our site . You can read more about our beginnings in this article.
Daven isn’t kidding.  is a Mecca for stampers and card-makers.  There are workshops, tutorials, and challenges, and gallery upon gallery of paper-crafting goodness by some of the most renown names in the business as well as undiscovered talents.  If you’re looking for a particular stamp or company, or need inspiration on how to use a particular embellishment or color, check the gallery.
Okay, enough with the introduction, lady.  On with the show . . .
has a plethora of wonderful forums.  I stalk the For Sale or Trade forums daily looking for wonderful deals on stamps and tools.
I’ve found nothing.  You don’t need to go there.  Forget I said anything.  It’s all junk, I assure you.  Take my word.  Trust me.  Don’t waste your time.
Recently, I decided to expand my horizons and check out the Swap forum.  Man, what a gold-mine.  And a busy gold-mine.  Some of these swaps fill so quickly, it’s hard to get in.  However, diligent crafter that I am, I found something in which I wanted to participate: Lollipop flowers!
Don’t you LOVE lollipop flowers?
You don’t know what lollipop flowers are?
Where do you live?
Is there a non-Prima invaded rock that y’all are living under that you don’t know about lollipop flowers?
Well, okay.  I’ll lay it out for you. 
A lollipop flower is a simple, folk-art version of a flower made by stacking several layers of consecutively smaller circles on top of one another, secured in the center with a brad, button, or other embellishment that holds the layers together.  The flowers can be primitive, shabby, grungy, modern, or elegant, depending on the media used, the number of layers, and the amount of embellishing.
And that’s why I love them.  They are amazingly versatile. Of course, they’re also SUPER easy to make. 
Unless I’m making 140 of them.
Yes, I did say 140. Two per person in the color group plus two for myself, ten color groups.
Yes, I am crazy.
No, I didn’t do the math before I signed up for all the the color groups.
Have I mentioned that I have a problem?
Do you think I might have more than one?
And my Cricut breaks.
And my daughter is hospitalized.
And everyone in the family gets bronchitis, but not all at the same time.  No, of course not at the same time.  Staggered, so one is getting well and another getting sick.
My life was so unbelievable that I couldn’t even tell people why I was running late. I sounded like I was making an excuse that even I couldn’t believe!  In the end, though, the swap hostess and participants were AMAZINGLY patient, and I was only off by a week
and a half.
Have I mentioned that I have a problem?
Alright already.  I’ve let this drag on long enough.  If you’re looking for the eye-candy, click on the album.  I’ll be back a little later to pop in the particulars.

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