Doing Something Imperfectly Right

"If you're going to do something, do it right or don't do it at all."

I often heard this cliche while growing up, and I just want to say....

it's bunk!

It needs to be REworked, REformated, or just outright REjected. For me, doing someting right means doing that thing perfectly, or, if I can't do it perfectly, not doing it at all.

So, I don't do anything at all.

And that's why I haven't blogged in .....hmmm...lemee many years?

You see, my blog's not perfect. I don't have a template, header, and layout that I like. Yep, you heard me correctly. I didn't stop blogging because I don't have anything to say. I didn't stop because I have nothing to share. I stopped because I was unhappy with my blog aesthetic. For years I have struggled to make my blog LOOK perfect, struggled to design a header that PERFECTLY captures the essence of who I am and what I do, struggled to learn enough html to adequately adjust this blog to reflect my style. Finally, after all this time struggling, I just gave up.

Now isn't that just ridiculous?

It's ridiculous because this blog is about me, about my creativity, my struggles, my life, and quite frankly, my life and my creativity are FAR from perfect. Then why am I constraining myself with this restrictive rule that prevents me from moving forward, from concentrating on content instead of appearance?


It's a nasty, restrictive, annihilating tendency, and I am officially and publicly rejecting it.

So, dear readers, we're all just going to have to cope with my blog as it is or as it may be. It's going to be imperfect. It's going to be altered. I'm going to change things and mess with things because I DO want it to look nice, but I'm going to keep blogging and keep posting in the meantime. And my content might sometimes be stream of consciousness writing (like this) because it's more important that I post an adequate something than a perfectly composed nothing. My photos might not be beautifully lit or wonderfully staged because it's more important to SHARE a decent something than a perfectly staged and lit nothing.

I'm going to be creating and creative and you're going to see it and experience it in It's imperfect form. I hope you're okay with that. I hope you come back and read again and again. I hope you're inspired by my imperfect honesty, by my imperfect creations, by my imperfect attempts at creating my imperfect self. If you aren't, that's okay. I can handle it. If you are, welcome to Creating Vintage Ritz. Let's get started.

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